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Introducing eVentures

eVentures is a private venture capital company focussed on digital media, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

eVentures particpates and provides financial and managerial support, including advisory board roles and active coaching.

eVentures was founded in 2000 by a group of former Nolan Norton & Co management consultants (KPMG) and Gilde IT (Rabobank).

eVA Fund and Greensafaris

In 2010 eVentures initiated a dedicated fund for digital media investing in sub-saharan Africa: eVentures Africa Fund.


eVA Fund supports 1st and 2nd stage ventures in sub-Saharan Africa active in digital media.

See for our investment criteria and applications.

in 2012 launched Greensafaris, a dedicated fund for sustainable tourism: Greensafaris.


Greensafaris supports eco/sustainable ventures related to eco-tourism/leisure.

See for our investment criteria and applications.

Investment requirements

eVentures supports digital media (startups and 1st stage) ventures, both financially and managerial, equity-based (range 25K-250K).

eVentures provides access to capital, as well as active managerial support, from startup to exit, typically 3-5 years.


eVentures is a revolving private VC-Fund, managed as a networked partnership, founded by Vincent Kouwenhoven.

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Vincent is a former KPN Telecoms executive, as well as director of KPMG Nolan Norton, who combines a track record in digital media investing with a passion for supporting sustainable development.


eLandy: in 2012 eVentures/Greensafaris invested in the first electrical/solar charged game-drive vehicle.

Should you want to apply for funding or support, please send in your application. Please click on the contact 'us button' if you want to contact us.


eVentures and Greensafaris are situated in Naarden, The Netherlands
eVA Fund has offices in Nairobi and Capetown.

Postal adress:
PO Box 301, 1400 AH Bussum
The Netherlands
Phone: +356470682
Fax: +356470683